That people can use LED energy-saving lamps from the quality assurance, three-year warranty|推荐:海瑞普光电 LED显示屏制作 烟台LED显示屏 烟台LED显示屏维修 烟台LED电子显示屏 LED日光灯管 商场灯具安装 LED照明节能改造 工厂照明改造|News|News
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That people can use LED energy-saving lamps from the quality assurance, three-year warranty
Date:2012-11-15   Author:The Shandong Yantai Hairui Pu Lighting Technology    Hits:3291

Yantai Hai Ruipu of Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Professional production of LED lamps LED energy-saving lamps LED panel light LED bulb LED Spotlight LED Downlight LED Downlight LED full color display and other LED energy-saving products

   Companies adhering to the principle of "credibility first, quality first. Invasive the World LED lighting energy saving lamps, high quality boutique company for its reliable product quality, reasonable price, colorful, and first-class service by the community of the new and old customers praise and trust.
Our products are widely used in the LED energy-saving lighting, Bank LED energy-efficient lighting, urban roads, energy-efficient lighting, hospitals, energy-efficient lighting, schools LED energy-efficient lighting, shopping malls LED lighting, supermarket LED lighting, home lighting and recreational places of entertainment.
The spirit of "the most sophisticated products, the most reasonable prices, the most attentive service" principle, aggressive efforts to open up the market, to create the best LED lighting products manufacturer. We sincerely hope that the mutual trust and mutual assistance, and all the friends and common development, and work for a better tomorrow!
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